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Asian Style Peanut and Sprout Salad | Good4U
Asian Style Peanut and Sprout Salad
Asian Style Peanut and Sprout Salad
Sprouted lentils will go down a treat with spicy peanut dressing and aromatic Asian style salad, the key here is to get the dressings right but the salad mix can be easily adaptable. This salad is all about texture and flavour, spicy sweet sour salty and crunchy!
Prep Time:
Cook Time
For the salad
2large Carrotscut into thin long strips
2Courgettescut into thin long strips
1longRed chilli(optional)
4Lime wedgesto serve
Asian style salad dressing
Spiced peanut dressing (or look out for spiced peanuts in chilli oil in your local Asian store)
Spiced Peanut Dressing
  1. In a large pot heat, the oil until just about to smoke, toss in the garlic stir quickly it will go a toasty brown colour. Then, switch off the heat.
  2. Add in the rest of the ingredients into the warm garlicky oil and stir well. Let the dressing rest, cool and flavours marry & drain off any excess liquid
Build your salad
  1. Grab a big bowl and add all the Asian style salad dressing ingredients together to make a salty sweet and sour aromatic dressing
  2. Toss in the sliced carrots, courgette, baby leaf salad and half the sprouts
  3. Add in the spicy peanut dressing and toss it all around to mix
  4. Plate up keeping it piled high & finish with scattered sprouted lentils, chopped mint and basil leaves, sliced red chilli (optional) and a lime wedge.
  5. Tuck in! On a hot summers day with an ice cold ginger beer!
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Recipe Notes

This delicious recipe was provided by Myles Lamberth of Shells Cafe Sligo.

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